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so our beautiful boys are cool and suave in their new video warning sign but let's take a moment to remember they are dorks at heart.
pic1: what are you even doing?! lol pic6: sure ya did changjo pic7: lol poor Ljoe pic9: that bowling ball probably weighs more than him pic10: haha what even is that dance?!?! at least he is a cutie while doing it
Ricky and I are on the same cooking level haha chunji is the most graceful kekeke
figured out they had been filming sideways for the whole video so far haha fail. then decide the best way to fix it is to all just bend sideways lol
ok that's all :) please give TT new video Warning sign lots of love!! we need all the views we can get!! if you have ten mins vote for them on www.mbcplus.com here's a link to show you how to make an account!! http://chunheepy.tumblr.com/post/97634117115/tutorial-voting-for-teen-top-in-show-champion xoxo angels