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so I went to buy a pizza today after an appointment I had and I found out that the cashier was a kpopper she automaticly said nice nails I was thank you then I looked at her nails I was ohh girl you the MVP Lol she laughed.. and said here's your pizza have a wonderful day we both knew we were kpoppers so yay for me I found a kpop fanatic! what about you??? comment down below
@Tamaki1618 촣아! that's good! Congrats!!!!! wish you the best luck of all!!! 😄
Ah! At my school tomorrow actually will be the first meeting of the new Kpop club! ^-^ some girls from my choir made the club an official school club x3 I'm so excited! 💙
yeah that's why we have to be careful lol @bbyitskatie
@parktaemi yeah I should be ashamed the thing it's that they had music and it was iu and then I heard another song in Korean can't remember that's why I asked Lol 😳😂😂😂
rad nails
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