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I'm highly allergic to dust, so heading out to the Salvation Army isn't really common for me, but it's amazing what you'll find there. I've purchased giant ceramic poodles, the Robert Goulet Christmas album on vinyl, super 1970s-style jogging shorts, and a bunch of ridiculous graphic t-shirts.
However, this one (posted by someone on Reddit) seriously takes the cake.

Do any of you guys go thrift shopping? What's the best thing you've been able to buy there?

I LOVE thrift shopping. I used to go with my mom but she can't go anymore. So is hope with my bf and bring her something random that I I think she'll enjoy. I'm always looking for BOOKS, antique furniture and dishes, and vintage clothes and jewelry. It's the only shopping I really like. Lol. I have found some amazing finds because people have given things away that they didn't know were valuable - especially books!! 馃
Best thing I ever bought at a thrift store was a hand made quilt. It was King Size, full of color and the details were remarkable. And yes, it was hand sewn. You can tell these things after watching your grandmother pump them out for twenty plus years. It may seem stupid, but I LOVE hand crafted things that someone obviously put a LOT of heart and soul in. I was sad it ended up at the store, but glad I got to buy it. It's the warmest thing ever, and soft after years of washing. A treasure I tell you!
I looove thrift stores! I love going there to look at books and knick knacks. lastbtime I was b one I got 150$ worrth of marvel comics for 6$
@danidee cool. :)
@danidee in Connecticut.
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