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I'm highly allergic to dust, so heading out to the Salvation Army isn't really common for me, but it's amazing what you'll find there. I've purchased giant ceramic poodles, the Robert Goulet Christmas album on vinyl, super 1970s-style jogging shorts, and a bunch of ridiculous graphic t-shirts.
However, this one (posted by someone on Reddit) seriously takes the cake.

Do any of you guys go thrift shopping? What's the best thing you've been able to buy there?

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@Krystalstar22 That sounds like a damn fine thrift store. Where do you live?
@petname83 That's true. Or I've even found some great online thrift stores that are nice. You can get the same kind of value without having to dig through all the dust.
@danidee in Connecticut.
@Krystalstar22 Oh cool! I've been there before! :)
@danidee cool. :)