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How bad is it to not eat breakfast because I haven't ate it in like two weeks and nothing has happened so is there a real con to not eating it
Ooo, totally throw this in the Health community as well! :D So the reason people are always saying it's important to eat breakfast is because of your body's metabolism. People think it's important to throw some fuel in the furnace, basically, to get your body (and mind) moving in the morning. You won't DIE if you don't eat it, but I bet if you did an experiment, you'd find that eating something healthy in the morning (banana, toast with peanut butter, scrambled eggs) would have you feeling less tired in the afternoon, craving less sugar, and better fueled for your day.
if you wake up very early in the morning then you need some breakfast or you will hurt your tummy or your body soon. just a simple breakfast will do😊
It's exactly as @AlloBaber said although with me I just felt a lot more focused and ready to take on the day whenever I ate breakfast.
Thank you for the info and the idea of that experiment. I think I might try it these next few days