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You and Namjoon arrive at Vingle's park seeing a lot of swings, slides, jungle gyms etc. "Ayyeee (Y/N) come here I'll push you on this swing.." Namjoon says as he playfully smiles at you. You run towards him and you were about to sit on the swing when "Ya!!!" Namjoon screams "What?"
"Before you sit down.." He takes off his sweater and he sets it on the swing for you to sit on.
"My lady.." You laugh and sit down but you see Namjoon only wearing a black tank top, showing his biceps, his broad manly shoulders.
"You've been working out?" "Yeah I have.... You can notice?!?!" He says loudly covering his body with his arms, trying to hide..
"Yeah I can but you look great and fit" He looks up at you and smiles, blushes then looks down at the ground.
You see that it's about to rain so you immediately stand up to hand Namjoon his sweater. You hand it to him. He puts it on and grabs your hood to pull it over your head, he puts his hand through your wet, yet pretty hair. You look up at him and you see that he is smiling down at you.
"You look beautiful in the rain you know.." before he can finish his sentence he hears you sneeze and he immediately grabs your hand and pulls you under a roof.
"Are you alright? Are you sick? Is your health okay?" He asks worryingly. "Yes, No and Yes."
He smiles at you and hugs you to keep you warm. You decided to sit down and he sat right near you, you can feel his warm touch against your cold shivering body. You lean your head against his shoulder while he is holding your hand. He kisses your forehead, You sleep peacefully on his shoulder knowing that he will take care of you...
Why do I hurt myself like this?!?!
No the question is why do you do this to us why I ask ?馃槩馃槩馃槩 lol I really love this please keep on tagging me 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅
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