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The man with a plan! The diabolical mastermind! The man who wants to watch the world burn, but also be the one who starts the fire: Izaya Orihara!

Thanks @tbell2 for this interesting question of what villain would I want by my side!

Izaya comes to mind because he's not your typical 'evil'. He just likes to manipulate people in order to see how they behave. Not a super great guy but he's intelligent and I really dig that

Plus he can take a serious amount of abuse and still be just fine!

But he can also be a force to be reckoned with and can deal damage himself. If he doesn't drive someone to doing it to themselves first.

Plus his odd mannerisms are a bit funny. He just doesn't give a fuck!

All in all; haters gonna hate but I love Izaya and would want that little crazy guy by my side. He's got a plan for everything and would be an amazing asset!

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@DaiGakuSei He loves humans. He just loves to toy with them and fuck with them. Evil I guess in a different way as your typical bad guy is how I see it. I think he sees humans as a source of information and wants to see what they will do and how easy they are to manipulate. He wants to see if he can truly calculate all their actions. That's how I see him any way
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@DaiGakuSei He loves to see they're actions and reactions. How they feel and what motivates an individual to do what they do
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@MadAndrea but he also needlessly manipulates people, and makes a lot of people's lives a living hell because of it, even going so far as stealing Celty's head.
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@DaiGakuSei Like I said he's evil, in a different way than a typical bad guy. He's not knocking down buildings or capturing a head of state. It's way more calculated and demented in a way. That's what draws me to him. I have to pick a bad guy, I'd at least want an intelligent one ya know?
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@MadAndrea okay awesome thanks c: ill definitely have to check it out haha
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