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The man with a plan! The diabolical mastermind! The man who wants to watch the world burn, but also be the one who starts the fire: Izaya Orihara!

Thanks @tbell2 for this interesting question of what villain would I want by my side!

Izaya comes to mind because he's not your typical 'evil'. He just likes to manipulate people in order to see how they behave. Not a super great guy but he's intelligent and I really dig that

Plus he can take a serious amount of abuse and still be just fine!

But he can also be a force to be reckoned with and can deal damage himself. If he doesn't drive someone to doing it to themselves first.

Plus his odd mannerisms are a bit funny. He just doesn't give a fuck!

All in all; haters gonna hate but I love Izaya and would want that little crazy guy by my side. He's got a plan for everything and would be an amazing asset!

@CreeTheOtaku married couple who tries to kill each other and had an arranged marriage that never blossomed into love 😅
@MadAndrea I think they're like an old married couple who fights a lot
@Danse He's awesome; him and Shizuo are the best hate/hate relationship ever haha
@MadAndrea okay awesome thanks c: ill definitely have to check it out haha
@tbell2 It's awesome! Super intricate and great story and characters
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