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Would You Eat Fries Drizzled With Chocolate? McDonald’s Hopes So

McDonald's has been on a mission to set themselves apart from the rest of the fast-food world.
First they made breakfast available all day. Then they got rid of their dollar menu and added a new cost-friendly menu alternative.
Today they are back with a new exciting menu addition, as you can now add drizzle chocolate on your french fries.
The news of McDonald’s newest offering, the McChoco Potato, hit Twitter this morning.
It’s “the ultimate chocolate makeover,” according to McDonald’s. “A tasty twist on one of the Golden Arches’ classics."
There is a curveball to the news: If you follow the tweet’s link to the actual press release, you’ll quickly discover that the McChoco Potato are only being offered in Japan for the time being.

Do you guys think the McChoco Potato will be a success?

This looks pretty odd, but I can imagine a lot of people will give this a go. Idk how much more they would charge for chocolate on top though.. maybe an extra 1.50?? Is that fair?
I've done this myself- my version was probably better XD
Man I'd love 2 try this!!! I already like dipping my fries in chocolate ice cream! !
yeaaa ill probably eat em lol
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