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For some, going to the movies is a relaxing experience. For some, it can be torture.
One of the big issues for many is the addition of food in movie theaters. Often people eat too loud, spill drinks and annoy everyone around them. Add that to the high price of movies, and many opt to just wait until it hits Netflix.
For those tired of the loud food in theaters, a movie theater named Syndicated may have the answer to your problem. Syndicated, a 60-seat Williamsburg, Brooklyn movie theater and restaurant that opened last Friday, will serve only crunch-free fingers foods to cut down on the sounds of chomping and clattering silverware.
Manager Tim Chung explains the thinking behind the new concept:
“People are going to the movies less and less, and I felt puzzled and heartbroken by that,” he said. “So I wanted to make the movie-going experience more special, and I wanted to jazz it up by adding booze and really good food.”

Will the popcorn-free theater experience catch on?

@nicolejb LMAO That's so strange and yet totally believable.
@danidee sometimes I just hear someone mention they went to the movies and I start smelling popcorn!
The sad part is this card only makes me want popcorn even MORE.
@nicolejb so in Germany did they charge more or less for the movie, since they were making a nice profit off the food?
@danidee yeah Williamsburg is the perfect place for this, either there or the Dumbo part of BK.. they will pay top dollar for this type of experience with limited seating
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