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Language Barrier for Music?
Ok, don't even lie, I know everyone has tried to explain kpop to someone who's never heard it before, trying to convert some friends maybe.... XD
And what's the first thing they ask?
"Do you even understand them?"
UHHH...no (not yet)
But does it really matter?


I was finding pictures for a card when my friend comes up behind me and asks, "Who is that?"
*Oooo, she's showing interest, don't scare her away with too much!*
Me: "His name is Choi SeungHyun and he is amazing and he raps with a really deep voice!"
*crap... I've said to much*
But she didn't seem to mind Her: "Haha cool, can I hear?"
*wow, I've never gotten this far in a conversion attempt*
Me: "SURE! I have the perfect song!" Her: "Sweet!"
So, I skip to the rap in Doom Dada
You all know the one ;)
Her: "Wow, he is good!" Me: "THANK YOU!"
Her: "What does it mean? All I heard was afhtfyrkvsfhisbncyk" Me: "....well, I can look it up..."
Her: "So you listen to it but you don't know what it means?" Me: "Yes..." *what's wrong with that?*
Her: "Ok..." Me: "..."



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@kpopandkimchi Totally, for example, Haru Haru. If I didn't know what the english meaning was, it wouldn't make me so sad every time...
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I got into k-pop on a quest to learn Korean actually....I still have a long ways to go but the music is my motivation. My husband on the other hand just likes TOP BTS and FTIsland for the music. He doesn't even care what they are saying and he is trying to learn Doom dada because he likes how it sounds. I think once people get of the initial shock they can be one over. it just takes the right song.
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I don't even remember that install shock now that I've been listening to Kpop and watching kdramas for long enough now that it's completely normal for me listening to the different language, but trying to show my friends and family, they say that it bothers them to listen to it, even if I show them what it means. It's been so long that I don't even notice that it's a different language, I just don't know what it means... yet.... I WILL LEARN! 馃挭
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I know what you mean! And like, I even did an essay on this for school, but I understand completely. And it really says something when Korean music, that I have yet to fully understand, has even helped me out of depression and made me happy. It has even given me a path in life, and I now know I want to be a korean translator and I want to go to school in korea later on (my dream school is Dankook University). And just, music that i may not understand has done me this much, so why can't people see that? "don't judge a song by its language" sound like anything? I just don't get it.
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look at the 2nd pic behind gdragon, I'm famous
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