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While there are plenty of great boxers throughout time, few have a diehard fan-base like Mike Tyson.
"Iron Mike" grabbed the attention of everyone due to his relentless boxing style. His clever quotes and funny jokes outside the ring also made him a fan favorite. As a result, Mike has become one of the most-appealing athletes to re-create in video games.
Today, we get more Mike in video game form, as one of the most iconic boxers in history will be a playable character in the upcoming UFC 2 video game.
There will be two playable versions of Tyson in the game, one being the younger “Iron” Mike Tyson and the other the older “Legacy” Mike Tyson. He will be given the “strongest punching power” of anyone in the UFC video game and be able to compete in both light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions
EA Sports UFC 2 is scheduled for release in North America on March 15, followed by a worldwide release on March 17 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Enjoy the videogame preview featuring Mike Tyson above.
This game looks great, don't you think?
@ButterflyBlu Thats also very true haha
But I would love to play the game with Mike Tyson as my guy!
Haha I'm interested to see how UFC fighters feel about this....I read somewhere UFC fighters dissing boxing because it isn't as tough/violent as UFC!
Getting this
@mchlyang I wonder if those same fighters who are talking crap would get in the ring with Iron Mike in his prime. -_-