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It's late for me on this day, but I was curious to know if anyone participated and if you found fellow fangirls.
I found 1! granted it was my little sister....but hey work was actually slow and I didn't get the opportunity to see many people like I'd hoped to. @ZoeMarieRitter
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@ARMYStarlight I completely understand I was sad I didn't meet anyone new... but hey that's what Vingle family is for! @XionHeart I love red! I'm usually too scared to paint my fingers red so I usually do my toes only. I'm a huge fan of dark blue, black, and dark purple, pink is a so so because it doesn't really match my skintone
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@LilySilver Pink is alright, but im more of a pastel kind of person. Pastel orange is defiantly my color. Sadly I rand out of it so I have to go and buy it again :l
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@XionHeart I have an odd skintone I wish pastels looked good on me, but the reality is they don' be proud you can wear pastels :)
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Oh i am lol. But the only thing wrong with pastel is that my clothing options revolve around blacks and really dark blue. So its weird when I have a long black sleeved sweater and my hands show up with a bright happy color lol. @LilySilver
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@XionHeart lol I think that's amazing actually! it's different from the usual dark and dark combo I tend to paint my nails black and wear really bright colors or neutrals
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