Im in a predicament... okay so we all have a bais out of all kpop groups and then we have friends who are very hmm... whats the word.... protective over thier bais.... well lets just say her main bais is trying to squeeze his way in and I can't tell my friend because she'll have WW3 and a cow to top it all off.
My top bais is this oh so freaking attractive youngin... literally youngin compared to me... *nosebleed... again*
Then theres is this one who's trying to obtain my list... oh no!

Jaebum is going to get me killed, with that everything of his....

Mark is suppose to be my bais in the group but but...
true my husband and I share that age gap he is 6 years older than me. lol
@RebeccaLondon sorry i kind of chuckled at the thought of you being only on kindergarten when he was born 馃槄 6 years isn't a terrible age gap there's been worse...
@ParkMinRin13 I am 6 years older than him though... I was in kindergarten when he was born.
@RebeccaLondon 馃様 don't hide it... embrace it! 馃槈 for me it's either the guy two years older or the other who's two years younger 馃槬
I totally understand JB turned me into a cougar with the hair and the smile and the wink. I just tell everyone I want him as my little brother...I'm such a lier 馃樁