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In America, your mother traditionally tells you not to play with your food. However, if you're from the small village of Piornal, Spain, she'd maybe let you throw some turnips - but only on January 19th and 20th, of course.
This week, Piornal celebrated its annual Jarramplas festival, a folk tradition intended to celebrate the Catholics' Saint Sebastian Day. Local farmers donated over 18 tons of turnips to the event, as people from the village used them to pelt a neighborhood volunteer dressed as a drum-beating demon.

What's cooler than being cool? Being bludgeoned by root vegetables, of course.

Some say that the Jarramplas demon represents a cattle thief, and by hitting him with turnips, the village receives good luck and continued, plentiful feast. According to tradition, the costumed volunteer continues to beat his drum until he can no longer handle the amount of turnips being thrown his way. (Which, for me, would take two seconds because this already looks like dodgeball on crack.)
After the Jarramplas turnip event is over, the village gathers together to enjoy live music and plenty of food. As for the demon? Well, I feel like somebody owes him a beer.

What do you guys think of the festival? Would you volunteer as a demon? Who do you wish you could throw turnips at?

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@danidee I think i could and I'd b very annoying with that drum!! oh and id sing!!
Yup @danidee I think that's the only agreeable part.and do u guys like turnips I like them.
@danidee you'd have to be to not feel the hammering of TURNIPS, yo. >.<
@ButterflyBlu If I were some Spanish dude, you'd have to get me SO HAMMERED before I agree to do something like this.
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