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I just had to make a collection on the adorable and talented maknaez :) You gotta love em ♥ These are just some of my favorites ^__^
ugh.. why you little cute shit...noona loves you :) ♥♥ my favorite maknae~ Got7's Yugyeom♥
BTS Kookie adorable fetus self lol ♥ Lowkey he been trying to wreck my bias list.. how about nooo :p he is know for catching noona's hearts.. ♥
EXO's Sehun is sooo HOT! Yehet ! :) ♥
Shinee's Taemin oppa is very sexy♥♥♥
Teen Top Changjo ♥ :)
Block B's P.O :) ♥♥
2PM Chansung ♥♥♥
BEAST Dongwoon ♥♥♥
Infinite's Sungjong ♥♥♥
Big Bang's Seungri ♥♥♥
Cr~ to the owner :) Seventeen's Dino ♥♥♥
VIXX Hyuk ♥♥♥
B.A.P's Zelo :) omg he is just so precious and fluffy I'M GONNA DIE XD ♥♥♥
Super Junior Kyuhyun ♥♥♥
WINNER's Taehyun ♥♥♥
As of right now....I.M from Monsta X, Kookie from Bts, and Dongwoon from Beast. The first 2, consider them my duo of meme sons. And then with Dongwoon, I just really love him. :u
Dongwoon is my ultimate!!! (^v^) yay somebody likes my Woonie
I love them all them but Jungkook, Yugeom, Taehyun, Sehun and Seungri are my favorites.
kookie, Pyo, ,yugyeom yasss👌👌😘😘
Welll Taemin is my #1 buttt I am a maknae lover so ill take them all XD
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