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Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, will retire after this season.

He's still on his farewell tour and everywhere he goes, he's getting the standing O from all the fans. People are showing respect to the Black Mamba and although there are still going to be haters out there, you can't simply overlook the remarkable achievements he has made throughout his career. But enough with the praise. I'm just going to have some fun with Kobe while he's still playing in the NBA. First up...

Ha. He's the man.

And even if Kobe did play quarterback, he would've just ran the ball himself. Even on the basketball court, Kobe be like...

I'll shoot. You just get the rebound.

And last but not least...

Of course. No surprise here.

I'm just fooling around. I'm actually really sad to see one of my childhood heroes retire. Every 90s kid has that memory of shooting the ball and yelling out "KOBE!". But then again, we only have a few months to poke fun at the legendary Kobe Bryant. Let's give all we got, the jokes, the praises, the claps, because one thing is for sure: every basketball fan will miss Kobe, whether you loved him or not.
@KyleBerke hahahaha thats true
Keep in mind that Kobe would want us to take as many shots at him as possible. After all, taking a ton of shots is what he does best.