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Remember me!? MUHAHA!

It's time to check up on those goals we set for ourselves back on January 1!

(see goals here!)

1. Learn Hangul

Trying to learn the alphabet? Check out these goals:

a. How many of these letters do you recognize?

---> ㅂ ㅈ ㄷ ㄱ ㅅ ㅛ ㅕ ㅑ ㅐ ㅔ ㅁ ㄴ ㅇ ㄹ ㅎ ㅗ ㅓ ㅏ ㅣ ㅋ ㅌ ㅊ ㅍ ㅠ ㅜ ㅡ <---

b. Can you sound-out these words? (It doesn't matter if you know what they mean^^)

--> 밥 / 안녕 / 미안 / 먹자 / 돈 / 서울 / 사랑 / 책 <--

2. Learn New Vocabulary

a. How many nouns do you know?

--> 강아지 / 지하철 / 공기 / 아줌마 / 냉장고 / 극장 / 국제 <--

b. How many verbs do you know?

--> 잊어버리다 / 기다리다 / 가다 / 만나다 / 좋다 / 듣다 / 빠지다 <--

3. New Grammar

a. Do you know what these verb endings mean?

--> ~지만 / ~었어요 / ~고 있어요 / ~때문에 / ~십시오 /~군요 <--

4. Listening

Listen to this video conversation. (without subtitles!)
On a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being the best) how well did you understand the dialogue?

Have you improved at all?

What have you been doing to reach your goal?!

Tagging everyone who commented on the last card!
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Kind of expanding on my vocabulary with Koreans in my university, but not much. Too busy with my classes. What about you?
omg nothing changed....I remember like ㅅㅂㅗㅎㅇㄹㅁㄷㄱㅈ that's all 😅
Improved vocabulary a little but a long ways to go~ ^^
I have hangul a little bit, but I get mixed up with what sound goes with what.
cool! this is like a review.