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They're just awesome!!!! (^_^)
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@NathanBryden well yea I thought the same that Naruto's kid looks more like him but Sasuke's kid does look like him...she has no features of Sakura! Himawari looks like Hinata the most but has Naruto features as well. Idk why Sarada doesn't have any features of Sakura at all...& I'm not waiting for anything atm. Don't have $ to spend to get anything. lol but I can't wait for the manga chapters to be released. I get so excited for it. lmbo (^_^)
haa ya i seen that he looks like a fuckin badass n Himawari so cute n ya got naruto shippuden uns4xD
No I don't have it...u?
naa i wish,i have it pre orderd
Flashback on the last one👌🏼