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If you don't already know what this means, then you've definitely experienced one before!

Today's word is:


It is a shortened word for:

멘탈 붕괴 - Mental Collapse

(men-tal boong-gwae)

You take the first syllable of the two words and make...



It's basically when you lose your mind, have a mental breakdown, and just have a meltdown lol!

Aka the life of a K-entertainment fan girl.

Check out CL's song "MENBOONG"

Has anyone had any 멘붕 moments lately?!

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actually, im studying for my Life Producer liscence for work and they have simulation exams as well as end of the chapter quizzes. and recently I was going back over chapters 2 and 3 with my friend who I work with because his exam was a few days away and as confident as I was, we only got through 7 out of 14 questions because I got every single question wrong in chapter 3. I was so distraught that all I could manage to do was laugh. Another time was when I was simulating the exam and I literally FAILED at life. out of 95 questions, I only got 38 correct.
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7 out of 15*
2 years ago·Reply
total 멘붕 with the whole process of buying EXO LA concert tickets and now with so many questions we aren't being told the answers to regarding the whole organizing GA and ahhhhh so complicated. but worth it for the babes ♡
2 years ago·Reply
네! when I finished reply 1988. hihi
2 years ago·Reply
Yes, a week ago my phone totally messed up and I had to get a new one, and then yesterday my car got stuck in the snow and i had to get it towed today! total 멘붕! 😥
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