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Week 1 of the Anime Community's "Days of the Week: Anime Style" is already over! Don't forget to join in this weeks Throwback Thursday with @tbell2 over here!

Now, let's go over what we did over the last week in case anybody missed the last week of themes!

Waifu Wednesdays!

We've had two Waifu Wednesdays so far, and there have been more than 30 cards about all our favorite waifus. Join us next Wednesday to post yours...it's as simple as that!
Follow the collection HERE,
and a big thank you to everyone who participated!
(sorry if I miss anyone ><)

Throwback Thursdays!

Throwback Thursdays started with @tbell2's awesome card about YuYu Hakushu~~!
Follow the collection HERE,
and check out the other throwback cards!

Feel Good Fridays!

Our lovely @VoidX got us started on feel-good Fridays and made us all SUPER HUNGRY WITH THIS CARD ABOUT ANIME FOOOOOD!!!
And as if that wasn't enough, everyone joined in to make us hungrier @.@
Follow the collection HERE!

Seiyuu Saturday!

Saturdays are for school, apparently, because @Danse schooled us all on the AWESOMENESS of the seiyuu lineup for D.Gray Man!
Tuck in & get ready for learning A LOT about some awesome voice actors!
Then, follow the collection HERE!

Super Sunday!

@TylerDurso got us going with an awesome discussion for super Sunday about our favorite Super Saiyans! Then, @Thatperson512 also made a cool card about Saiyans :D
Follow the collection HERE!
and thank you to everyone who commented their opinions ^-^

Manga Mondays!

The first Manga Monday was a crossover post for Jump Ahead January about @invinsybll's EXCITEMENT for new releases of Fire Brigade of Flames! I followed up with a card about the first manga that I ever read!
Check back in the Days of the Week collection for next week's Manga Monday theme!

Tell Me About It Tuesdays!

Tuesdays is Show & Tell time for the anime community! Over the past two weeks, @invinsybll has led with some cool cards to get people sharing cool things from their anime lives!
and there was more, but it'd be too much to list XD
Follow the collection HERE for more next Tuesday!


to get updates about what the theme every day is!! I clip the first card made by anime support team for the theme each day!

Join us, Nakama!

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So for sunday we do someone that is very strong? (Sorry im a blond..)
missed you! I want in on week 2. I have plenty of ammo for throwbacks and waifus
@Yatosgirl It's ok!!! Sorry I'm late to see this :( on Sundays Tyler posts a theme ^_^ you can find his account here @tylerdurso !! So basically he just asks a quesiton every week, but you can post your own "super strong" card, too! Anything goes, really~
@SeintoSeiya I look forward to your contributions :D