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Hula hoop bag by Karl Lagerfeld - Chanel After 2013 SS collection, many people got shocked because of the unique bag. Karl Lagerfeld created this bag for his Resort Collection for all your beach needs. It’s big enough for your towel and can also double as a “practical” beach rack as you can stick it into the sand. However, he has faced much heavy criticism. Some people say how come he can make silly bag like this and he lost his all sense of fashion. But, Fashion is not always synonymous with practicality. The bag attracted many people’s attention due to its outrageous creation. It was a success in terms of attracting eyes on their brand from rest of the word through fashion magazines.
hahahha~ true, way to big lololol
I can't hand carry this at the airport, can't check it in
really bigg,~ lol but i like pic 4! hahha