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I thought this was a fair interpretation of how gender identity and expression sits with sexual orientation. I love that its a genderbread person! Thoughts? How do people feel about this?
@AlloBaber Yeah I think it is important - I consider myself an androgynous lesbian and I am feeling my way around this information :)
I think you're all bringing up really amazing points! Personally I think of labels as a starting point or a guideline- here's how others have defined their experience in the past, but you don't have to feel constricted by it if it doesn't work for you. So many of the terms we use are relatively new to our language, and of course language is always evolving anyway. I take what works for me and leave the rest :D
I would love to see more open conversation about this stuff on Vingle ^_^ you're awesome @Eclare!!
But people should be fluent in understand each other's labels too, @InPlainSight. I think it's great that @Eclare is educating herself and others on these things :) in the States especially, people can be really ignorant and rude about mis-labeling people, or making big sweeping assumptions just because people seem "butch" or dress in a feminine manner or whatever. But like @shannonl5 said, human sexuality and gender expression is so much bigger than all that, and figuring out where you fit in is an important part of everyone's journey :)
@InPlainSight Yeah my friend said the same thing to me on the subject :)
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