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Gender identity/sexuality
I thought this was a fair interpretation of how gender identity and expression sits with sexual orientation. I love that its a genderbread person! Thoughts? How do people feel about this?
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I think you're all bringing up really amazing points! Personally I think of labels as a starting point or a guideline- here's how others have defined their experience in the past, but you don't have to feel constricted by it if it doesn't work for you. So many of the terms we use are relatively new to our language, and of course language is always evolving anyway. I take what works for me and leave the rest :D
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@shannonl5 @InPlainSight @AlloBaber I think all these comments and debates are important for everyone to move past peoples differences. I guess its something im interested in therefore a reason to debate it all.. you know? Thanks for all your comments :)
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@Eclare absolutely! I think especially as language evolves we'll need to address it and adjust to make sure that we're being inclusive
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I think the fact that you grew up in an area where you just didn't talk about it also has an impact on trying to learn more about which labels "fit" who you are as an adult. I grew up in a very strict military home in the deep south with three brothers. Girls were girls and boys were boys. It was that simple. Yet, I went to a fine arts academy...and suddenly I was surrounded by people who were encouraged to find themselves and be free, to be different. When you realize that you Are different, it's confusing if there's no one around to tell you what the deal is or "what" you are. Like I mentioned to @Eclare before, it feels like you're driving in a lane that doesn't even exist, like *you* don't exist. So yes, for some of us it matters. It's nice to say it doesn't, but in the real world, we want to understand ourselves and in order to do that, we gather knowledge, grow, break the labels, build new ones, grow again, repeat. Opening these conversations up are the only way to start that process.
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@ButterflyBlu All this is true - at one point I literally ran away from it all.. only to end up even more confused at the time! but I kinda get where I fit now and I am feeling more comfortable with that as a result 馃槉
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