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Comparison of Green Laser Pointer and Red Laser Pointer

How do you get quite nice result for presentation at all targeting fields? You might have got the choices of green laser pointer and red laser pointer. However, according to the need of exact requirement, such as work distance and working environments, users only need to make correct selection of laser pointers, thus always getting bright and visible enough laser beams on all targeting surfaces. Only after correct selection of output power, user can easily the best presentation result, while still ensuing the most economy solution for all targeting works efficiently.
In formal close distance presentation works, users might only use formal brightness red laser pointer. It is less visible than a 532nm green laser pointer, however, it is enough for presentation works such as lecture, speech, exhibition etc. However, in astronomy work fields, green laser pointer is making the best performance, is the only one choice for astronomers to get quite satisfied green beam targeting. In astronomy works, a low powered green laser pointer is widely used for presentation for military targeting, lab experiment, scientific research, astronomy targeting.
Green laser pointer uses very simple battery as its electric power source. When high brightness green laser beam is pointed into sky, it is always making great work for astronomy stargazing, constellation observation, and targeting of other celestial objects. Besides separate operation for various celestial objects observing, this laser pointer pen is also used while making easy installation on astronomy telescope. After very easy connection with battery source, green laser pointers will project a high bright green laser beam, parallel the axis of telescope tube, helping astronomers to make the most accurate and rapid observation of all objects efficiently.
When users are selecting different color laser pointer, users can get different result on various targeting surfaces. As a result, according to exact work distance, users should try to make different selection of output power, thus always getting bright and visible enough laser beam to human eyes clearly. In addition, when users are getting the most precise dot targeting, users would try to choose green laser pointer. This advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech made green laser pen always gets extremely low beam divergence of less than 0.1mard. Only if users are making very easy adjustment of laser beam focus, green laser pointer can make the best laser beam projection perfectly.