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These days, it seems like it's all up to the guy when it comes to relationships. I recently read a card by @marshalledgar that said the guy should be responsible for picking up the tab at a restaurant. While I don't necessarily see anything wrong with that, I also think it's kind of a double standard. For instance, if guys were to expect this from women, I'm sure the majority would find this wrong or even insulting. I, for one, would be happy to pay the bill for my date, but if I see that she isn't interested in talking or even in me and I get the vibe that her ulterior motive is just free food then I would definitely not call her back for a second round. But besides restaurant tabs, there are other examples that are expected from men that also seem like double standards.

"Making the first move"

This is probably the most discussed one. In today's society, guys are expected to ask the girl out. No way around. Even if the girl has mutual feelings for him, most of the time they would wait for the guy. And to the ladies I ask, why??? Men are very dense creatures with skulls as thick as cement. If it's not shown to us right in front of our eyes, we will not get the hint. Yet, many relationships fail to begin because either A: The guy doesn't get the hint from another girl or B: Both the guy and girl are too shy to make the first move and the feelings fade away. So girls, please don't retract! Don't be afraid of rejection! Most guys go through several in their life's and we still press on!!!

"Girls who play hard to get"

Ok yes, playing hard to get is pretty cute. I myself am a sucker for girls who play hard to get. To me, it's a chance to show a girl what I'm willing to do and at the same time what I'm willing to not. But there is a limit to exactly how much we can do and take. If the guy really likes the girl, chances are he would make every possible excuse to see her and talk to her. But if she continues to push him away, there will come a time when we actually start to believe that you don't want to see us, so we give up and then get all confused when she tells her friends that we gave up on her. So for the girls, if you're gonna play hard to get, do it in moderation. If you think girls are sensitive, wait until you see what happens when a guy gets his heart broken...

"Being taken advantage of"

Ok, so this is a big one. Even if none of the ones I mentioned before change at all, this one definitely has to be taken into consideration. I'm not saying that guys are more delicate than girls emotionally, but we definitely hurt when we get taken advantage of. Plus, almost as if fate made it that way on purpose, we most likely don't do anything about it. We sometimes know we are being taken advantage of, and if we try to change it the girl comes and says she'll stop, but it doesn't. Girls know this too, and some will use it to get things out of guys such as food, jewelry, stuffed animals, basically anything the guy can afford. On top of it all, it's only worse when the guy actually has feelings for the girl and his feelings are used for the wrong purposes.
Guys are looking for the women of their dreams as much as girls are, but sometimes the expectations get to us and we don't act. I understand that girls have many expectations as well (and maybe someone can make a card explaining those like this one!), but guys certainly have it rough too. So please, on behalf of those who seek the perfect soul mate, don't mistreat us. We promise to treat you girls with the utmost respect and to give you all we can!!
Thanks for writing this card. I think as we get older, we realize that dating gets a little bit easier and a lot of rules are thrown out the window. Although I am a bit old fashioned with whole dating thing, I totally understand where you're coming from.
This card left me speechless (for good reasons). I agree with everything you stated above but for making the first move, it's better for the guy to "define the relationship" (that's if the girl gave enough hints saying she's interested). I'm not saying a girl can't ask the guy out but if I the guy likes the girl enough he'll take the courage to make the first move. That's just my honest opinion.
@Dynamo it will get easier in college trust me. It becomes a numbers game but most people are friendly there
@alywoah There's nothing wrong being old fashioned! I know guys personally who are extremely old fashion and would love doing things that way too. So basically to each their own I guess C:
@RaquelArredondo Thank you for liking it! :D
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