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So.....why aren't you watching this anime yet?

It's called Prince of Stride: Alternative, and ITS REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!!! Seriously, check it out.
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...awwwwww yeeeeeeee it's a sports anime
I love how sports anime is so competitive! :D I'm doing track this month and I can imagine myself like that but reality just ruins it. -.- Anyways, reminds me of Haikyuu and KNB. c: Especially FREE! XD
@ChelseaGarcia It's AMAZING!!! @CreeTheOtaku that it is :3 @koifries LOL!!! Just pretend you're on their team ^-^
I just started watching it and it's not bad... I'm hoping it gets a little more deep
@MaighdlinS Same. I think they have set it up to do so, though. There are a lot of allusions to things that we might find out more about, etc, so hopefully they won't take too long to explian them!