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We are all both sowers and fields. Our words, our acts, our influences, as we touch other lives, become seeds. This is true not only of the good things that our lives scatter, but also of the evil. Then each life of ours is a little patch of ground on which other sowers are forever dropping seeds. Every person we talk with, every friendship we cherish, every book we read, sow seeds which will grow and help make the harvest of life for us. Christ is The Great Sower of good seed. He brings heavenly seeds to drop them on earthly soil. We should not let ourselves be like the wayside, the beaten road. The good seed has no chance to grow on such soil. We should keep our hearts soft to take each holy impression. We must watch the soil in our patch of ground to keep out the thorns, because if the evil roots are left the good seed will have no chance to grow, and the bad will choke out the good. We should make our hearts deep soil in which the good seed will grow to ripeness.