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Hello Vingle Nakama!! XD Happy #tbt and this comes another anime! The one I chose to discuss today is the First Season of Yu-Gi-Oh! We all have seen the cards and even played it (personally I'm more of a Pokemon card collector. sorry guys haha)! But what I really enjoyed was reading the manga for Yu-Gi-Oh! It was very entertaining and interesting! I enjoyed reading the chapters of the battles because it was like a whole new realm was opening right in front of you!
Yu-Gi-Oh was first serialized in Shonen Jump Magazine in Sept 1996 - March 2004, and the original series/first season aired in Japan in 1998 which contained 27 episodes. The later sequel to Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, premiered in 2000-2004 with 224 episodes. Later came Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal.
Kazuki Takahashi was both the creator and artist behind this wonderful manga. And from this manga spawned a trading card game, anime adaptations, and many video games for many game consoles.
Mutou Yuugi is a kid who doesn't make much friends and his grandfather gives him this millennium puzzle and once Yuugi solves it, a strong spirit possesses his body. And now Yuugi is forever changed! This mysterious spirit loves to gamble and shows up in Yuugi whenever he and his friends are in a pickle, and when it comes to battling it can be helpful to have a old spirit on your side..or is it..?

Okay Nakama! Who was your favorite character? Which anime adaptation did you enjoy most? Or here is a bigger question: Which did you play as a child? Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon?

love yugioh
Lol I got bored today and got on netflix and started re watching some episodes
the first was the best even though I'd say joey was my favorite character. I still have my cards
I like yugioh more than pokemon. I still have a bunch of the cards and am currently reading the manga. I love the original yugioh and also 5Ds.
You inspired me to post up my favorite yugioh cards lol :D https://www.vingle.net/posts/1365119
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