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We were never, really, siblings. But we do know our fears and our "special" issues.
Lim Kim, or Annie, never really seemed to care for anyone. I was never able to understand her because i don't know her pain or what she's going through. I'm not in her shoes. But i do know how her nightmares and fears. Her personality is dark and serious, but once you get to know her you understand her emotions.... her sensitivities. She wakes up screaming, sweating and panting almost every night. And when i try to approach her, she backs away thinking that i might be the thing she dreamed about. The suffering in her eyes brake me to peaces because i don't know how i can help her be relieved from it. Ms. Flowers told me her condition: Depression and Isolation. I've trying to keep her company and slightly making progress. Her smile is very rare these days and i fear that some day she will never smile again.
I went to the pool to make her company but i didn't see her. Not until i saw a body in the pool.
"WAKE UP!!!, Annie you have to wake up please!!!". She didn't answer. I pushed on her chest and heard gagging. The sweet relief went through my body knowing that she was still alive. Was she really trying to kill her self?
"What the hell were you thinking?!!, i could have lost you!"
"Why did you save me! (crying), i was finally free, I WANTED TO DIE!!". She's so broken inside.
I stare at her while she drank her tea. She just stared at the cup making circles around it.
"My grandma told me one day that death is a beautiful thing. That it takes us to a peaceful place"
I'll continue it later just wait @justcallmekyke
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