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here is the link to the screenshot game.
Suga invited me to the sleep over. yay
and it was at Taes place
Rap Monster flirted with me all night.
Of course Tae suggested truth or dare.
Oh gosh Suga was dare to kiss me... :)
Aww kookie wanted to sleep next to me....I'd want to sleep next to him too. :)
Tae that's not ok... you can't sleep in my sleeping bag...actually I'd be OK with that your cute and I'd like to snuggle up to someone.
Wait how the heck did that happen? Tae was there....oh well J-HOPE is awesome!!!
shall I add a story here? ok a quick one lol... I got a call from suga. The guys were having a sleepover and he thought I'd want to join the party. I of course wanted to b I love hanging out with all of them. He told me it was going to be at Taes place. Which wasn't that far from my house. I told him I'd head over and hung up. When I got there Jin answered the door. "Come on in we've been waiting" As soon as we get into the living room Tae jumps up. "Alright now let's play Truth or dare!" I sat next to Rap Monster and we talked in between turns. He was being really cheesy but it was cute. I assume he was flirting with me so I flirted back. "I dare Suga to kiss Sarah." I hear and I look up at Jimin who had said it. I then looked at Suga who was moving over to me and he quickly placed a kiss on my lips and went back to his spot. After several more rounds of the game we played a few other games and ate and even watched a movie. We started laying down our sleeping bags when kookie came up to me. "Sarah can I sleep next to you." "Of course." I smiled I thought kookie was just so innocent. I had a crush on him and him being right next to me was making my stomach do flips. When we all got into out sleeping bags I turned to see kookie facing me. I blushed a little and said night then turned and saw J-hope on the other side. He was facing the other direction. I sighed and started to relax when someone opened my sleeping bag. "Tae what are you doing?" "I'm sleeping with you." He said getting really close and ripping up the bag again. Truth be told he had also been making me feel things I shouldnt. I tried to ignore it as he placed his forehead against mine. "Your cute when you blush" He whispered so only I could hear. "thanks....go to bed you goof." I quickly turned so I was facing towards kookie. He was already asleep. He is such a cutie. I fell asleep fast. The next thing I knew it was morning and I was up against someone's chest and there hands where over me. I figured it was Tae but when I moved just enough I realized that Tae was gone and it was J-hope. What the heck? I then realized that my bag was opened and that jhope was wrapped in his sleeping bag still. I guess after Tae left this happened. Oh well. I quickly untangle myself from him and rolled back over to my bag. I actually rolled over a little more to make sure I didn't get grabbed by J-hope again but the latest just put me face to face with that was not a bad view at all. (ok obviously I like kookie...he is my bias so I made myself have a crush on him and Tae well that goof plays with my feelings alot. so I hope you enjoyed this)
hahaha i love this! sounds like them too well too
Dude BAMBAM'S face tho...😂😂
Can u tag me in the card that has the game?
@tinathellama haha I know u had to add it he just made it perfect...
Super cute