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I've come to a realization today that I've got a thing for Yoongi! It's always been there but dang! Anyways I have this weird fascination with his mouth. The way his mouth forms when he speaks. The way his lip arches to one side! *swoons* Am I the only one?!
@SunnaWalo @kpopandkimchi I totally agree with you guys.. When he randomly licks or bites his lips, or when randomly sticks his tongue out.. And then when he spits fire on those raps.. Damn.. Yoongi is just so damn adorable..
Yessss!!! And how he talks out of the side of his mouth sometimes hahaha
Eye brows aahahaha I shall stare at eyebrows now to see if they make me tingle @torchix
@Vay754 ahahaha I can't. I discovered I have a thing for eyebrows the other day lmao. Also I love Yoongi's :[ face. I live for it. Ugh I keep discovering things to love haha
whoops, Yoongi's mouth*
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