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I've come to a realization today that I've got a thing for Yoongi! It's always been there but dang! Anyways I have this weird fascination with his mouth. The way his mouth forms when he speaks. The way his lip arches to one side! *swoons* Am I the only one?!
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He's not my bias but I love him just as much
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@Vay754 ahahaha I can't. I discovered I have a thing for eyebrows the other day lmao. Also I love Yoongi's :[ face. I live for it. Ugh I keep discovering things to love haha
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Eye brows aahahaha I shall stare at eyebrows now to see if they make me tingle @torchix
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Lol same, I love his lazy deep voice and how he kind of purrs like a cat. there is a perfect vine video of this lol
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@Vay754 sadly no he's just so dang ... What's the word for it .... YOONGI I am in the same boat
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