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It is said that there was a black ocean recently at the Golden Disc Awards. Here, you see BTS performing, but you also see barely any light sticks flashing... It may seem like it's for BTS, but it was originally planned for EXO. However, this is the after effect since BTS came out after EXO. [ This is something that all idols should not go through. EXO and BTS do not deserve that kind of treatment. They deserve respect for all of their hard work and effort. It happened to SNSD and now these poor male groups. It's really a shame to see this, again. ] [ This is a rumor. No one knows if it happened, but if it did... then that's just sad. ]
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It was ment for EXO not BTS!
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@ashleydj1oo well they were saving the batteries on the light sticks
2 years ago·Reply
I read a post where Exo ls say that they were saving power on their light sticks which makes total since to want to save it for your bias group and that they even joined in BTS chants
2 years ago·Reply
I hope it's a rumor bc I wanted to punch those army's
2 years ago·Reply
and true no idols deserve that like they work so hard
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