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THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Science has finally proven what cat lovers have known for a really long time: watching cat videos is really good for you. So whenever your friends or coworkers scoff at you for watching cat videos, just tell them that you are focusing on good health.

Our love for cute cats is instinctive.

Scientists have found that humans are drawn to cute cats because out instinct is to be attracted to anything that has features that resembles human babies. Our survival instinct is that we are drawn to creatures that have big eyes on big heads with little bodies, and that's why we find ourselves craving cuteness. This instinct for cuteness has also been used by marketers to encourage us to spend money — think VW beetles or Mini Coopers.

Watching cat videos is similar to eating sugar or having sex.

But, seriously. When we see something cute, our bodies release a large amount of dopamine to the brain. This response is similar to when we eat sugar or have sex. It's also addicting. The body's response makes us crave more and more cuteness.

Watching cat videos increases productivity.

A Japanese study found that watching cat videos can increase your focus. In this study, participants performed better on high concentration tasks after looking at cute animals than other participants who looked at pictures of other things.

So the takeaway from this card: WATCH MORE CAT VIDEOS!

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@ButterflyBlu HE NEEDS TO STAAAHHHPPPPP. I feel like Vingle is going to need its own MGG community one day. Well, after the JoBros one.
@Danse yoooo, can I come watch, too? 1. We save data. 2. We can share blankets. 3. Um, snacks? 4. Just DUH: TOGETHERNESS! 5. Faster heals! 🤓
@danidee I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! Seriously. Let's make that Happen already!!
I would also like to join the cat-video-viewing party for mental healths!!
@ButterflyBlu SOMEDAY.