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In the dream, Jackson is serenading you with his lovely vocals and tough raps... You didn't like Jackson after the whole situation that happened. But you can't help it, you were trying to learn to accept him and his false actions. You wake up in utter fear thinking to yourself, "Why is he in my thoughts? Out of all the boys he's the mean one.."
You hear a knock on the door so you get up to look through the window and you see that it's Jackson with his cool black snap back that says WANG in gold. You don't want to answer the door so you just stand there with your back against the door. Jackson keeps yelling at you to the door, You don't. So he kicks the door angrily.
"Hey!!! Why did you do that??" You ask him frighteningly as you open the door slowly.
"Sorry, (Y/N) I just have to tell you something, I'm sorry.." He says sadly looking down.
"For what?"
"For being a jerk to you yesterday" You see him look up at you, big puppy eyes, watering eyes that were about to cry. You walk towards him and give him the tightest hug ever. He is shocked by it so he pushes you back really hard making your back hit the wall, hurting it.
"Hey!!! Do you think were in some K-Drama? or something? This is not some Boys over Flowers crap....." He realizes that you had a cut on your back and it was bleeding through your shirt. "OH MY GOD!!!! I'm so sorry!!!! I never meant to hurt you..........I...III....I'm so so so so so so sorry!!!" He immediately takes off his sweater and handing it to you to put on. After you put it on he walks towards you, he is so close to you that you can feel his breath against your face. He rests his forehead onto yours and holding your hand as he also wraps his arm around your shoulders, bringing you in closer...
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Jackson I should punch u *>*
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jackson why are you hurting me? 😝😭
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