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The motto of this cat is so perfect: "0% Photoshop, 100% born this way!" Yes, this cat was born exactly as she looks. Half of her face is black with a green eye and the other half is orange with a blue eye. The rest of her body is a swirl of orange and black.

It's time to meet Venus, the Two Face Cat!

Venus is adopted.

Venus was a stray on a dairy farm in North Carolina, when she was found in 2009. She was then adopted by her current mother and now lives in Florida. Venus lives with her three siblings: Roo, Jack and Ginger. Venus' mother really encourages her fans to follow the phrase, "Adopt, Don't Shop." She also encourages people to spay and neuter their pets.

Venus is incredibly famous.

Venus has been taking the Internet by storm ever since her mother first posted a picture of her on Reddit that received almost 1 million views. From there, the fame has only increased. On Facebook, Venus has more than 1 million likes and on Instagram, about 780,000 people follow her.

Venus has her own merchandise.

Yes, she is that famous. You can purchase a plush toy that looks like Venus, a Venus gift bag, a Venus calendar and other items. Venus also likes to give back. Each month, Venus pairs up with a different community animal shelter to help fundraise for the shelter. Visit Venus' webpage to learn more about her merchandise and fundraising efforts.
Venus has been featured on NBC's The Today Show (watch the video above to see her TV news debut).

If you want a little more unique fluff to spice up your day, make sure to follow Venus on social media!

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I'm pretty sure they are called chimera cats when they have a two-toned face like that.
This cat is too cute! I want to smash my head into hers. <3 :)
just one word to describe the charming of Venus is a big awwwwwww :-) :-* so chweet
dang wish I had a cat like tht
Aww she's so cute <3