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And not in a sexy way.

Yup. Hasbro will have a line of toys ahead of the release of Civil War- and this time they're including Black Widow. This is a HUGE deal! After Age of Ultron's toy line which featured Captain America riding a motorcycle instead of Black Widow (which is what actually happened in the movie) and Winter Soldier which featured a Red Skull toy instead of Black Widow, even though he was not even in the movie. Fans love this character, but when it comes to the toys she's almost impossible to find (unless you want the sexy version).
If you need a recap, check out these cards ---> HERE and HERE

How awesome does she look?!

There will be a 12-inch figure for the Avengers Titan Hero series, as well as figures in three other scales!! That's right! There will be MORE THAN ONE. Even better news: The 3.75" line will include The Falcon, and the 6" line will include Black Panther.

Who else is super excited!!!

Especially after all the Rey figurines sold out, it's clear there's a demand for more diverse toys. At the end of the day money talks, and it looks like the manufacturers are finally listening to us!
@hhead232 yeah I don't really want a sexy one to be honest. From what I've seen these are the first ones that aren't "sexy"
Yessss! FINALLY! :D
Idk she looks weird but whatever it's not like I'm gonna buy it. Plushies and other things I can cuddle with are more my style.
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