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Get a napkin because you'll be salivating for more.

Instagram makeup artists are really taking their creativity to the next level with their posts and this specific artist in general definitely takes the cake -- literally. Freelance makeup artist, Tim O decided he would use two of his inspirations to create a few masterpieces -- food and makeup. Who knew the two went hand in hand so perfectly? As much as Tim loves makeup, he loves food just as much and like any foodie, he has a handful of favorites.
Buzzfeed managed to catch up with the makeup artist asking him about his inspiration and he said: I’m a fat ass and love to eat. So one day, I was looking at my hot Cheetos bag and said, ‘Damn!’ These colors would look amazing on my face, haha. At first, I was so scared, thinking people weren’t gonna get my humor and embrace my fatness, but they loved it!
Not only is Tim super talented, but looking at this food inspired looks makes you want to run to the kitchen. That's definitely a good thing though. Talk about talent. Now grab a snack -- or two and keep scrolling to see just how delicious Tim's face looks below.

Spicy! Possibly the best out of the five.

Flaming hot or should I say fiercely hot?

Because who does't love funyuns?

Of course these are hands down my favorite chips, so it's an automatic win.

Absolutely amazing. This is super creative and gorgeous.

How hungry are you because I'm starving.
genius!! and his makeup is flawless
Yass!! This guy is crazy talented!! I love this!! And I love poptarts so that one was my favorite!
@jordanhamilton especially considering that he looks pretty damn gorgeous in my opinion!!! 😍💜
Extremely gorgeous!!! @Lizzeh @mrsdarkmiracle
you and me both sweetie @jordanhamilton
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