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Okay...Guys my bias list...Is being wrecked. Don't get me wrong BTS is my bias group...Always but my ultimate bias position is being over taken...So as everyone knows...Yoongi is and has been my life for the past few years...WELL guess who freaking came along to ruin it?
I always promised myself no Katelyn, theres too many in EXO and as soon as you like one you start falling for the rest...And they have a HUGE fandom. Like absolutely no chance of ever being noticed anyways...Right? RIGHT?! NO WRONG! It took two good night shows on the Vapp and bam! He found his way into my heart. BUT I AM SO CONFLICTED!!
Yoongi is lethargic and sleeps a lot, and I love sleeping and cuddles...But on the other hand I like to be hyper and make people happy and laugh... Chanyeol you better just go back into your bias zone and leave me alone! I swear DO NOT RUIN MY LIFE!
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it was Yoongi who ruined my bias list