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now dont quote me on this but i THINK D.Gray-man is either in production now or that she just has the script for it. these screenshots are from Katsura Hoshino's account on instagram. the picture on the right just says she's in the studio...and the picture on the left she has the D.Gray-man script, at the bottom of the script the date says, 2016.1.20. so that date right there is why i assumed she's started the production for it already OR she just got the script for it...idk how this stuff goes it's just an assumption but even if production hasn't started already we are still getting the anime back this year. <3 enjoy D.Gray-man Fans. im just as excited as you are. i woke up from my sleep to see this and i just translated all the words on what the pictures said. lol. Enjoy <3
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