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- "The thought of what she said made me want to experience that "peaceful place". So that way i would be with her and my mom. without suffering"
"Are you sure that-that's what they wanted you to do?. What if they wanted you to live on and be happy?"
"Then..... there's nothing i can do"
"What are you doing here?"
"Are you Ms. Flowers?. 당신을 만나서 좋은 입니다 (is nice to meet you)"
"You're Soo Yi. Come in. What can i help you with"
"It's about Annie. She's been restless and yesterday she tried to commit suicide.... by drowning her self"
"...... is she ok now?"
"That's all you ask?. How can you just ask "is she ok now". Can't you try to help her at least?"
"Look, i'm her therapist and she's stronger than i am when coming out with the truth about her life. I tried, i really did.....but.... maybe she's just not seeking help."
"So you're just gonna give up on her?, just like that?"
"what is it that you want?!, I'm busy"
"Doing what?, looking like a ugly ass slut?. Lim really wanted you to help. Do know how much she cried because you gave up on her?, she told me how much you made her calm her nerves down and how much you helped her before and she smiled. It's very rare to find her smiling. What happened to you?"
"Things change"
" "Things change". I might not be old enough to talk to you like this since i'm only 22 but yet you are acting like a coward. Therapist just don't give up on their patients and you are. You're being a bitch to a person who needs you."
"What are you her lover?, are you dating her to come into my office and lecture me about how to be a therapist?, have you fallen for her?"
"You know maybe i HAVE fallen for her, and even if i'm not her significant other, at least i know better than sleeping with different men every night. You're just as broken as she is, well at least she tries better ways to deal with it than doing this"
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can you please tag me in this? this is so good i can connect to so many parts to this its amazing really