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Mi-na runs towards Seungri. Then she grabbed the knife she had In her pockets and quickly cut his pants off where the wound is. "What your doing!" Jiyong yelled as he see's Seungri in pain. "Is either you shut the fuck up and let me handle Seungri's wound or let him die" Mi-na snapped at Jiyong. Jiyong looked at Mi-na and he looks at Seungri. " Fine." Jiyong let go of Seungri but then Seungri grabbed Jiyong's shirt. Jiyong looks at him. " Please don't let go.." Seungri whispered. Jiyong's heart felt warmer, and his soul is crawling out of the dark. "I promise I won't let you go kid" Jiyong smiles for Seungri. Then Daesung arrived. Seung-hyun, Sol and Jiyong covered Seungri, as Daesung walks towards them. "its nice to see this type of reunion. seems like everyone has each other now. ... Seung-hyun?!.... did you enjoy watching your father getting killed." Daesung laughed as he saw Seung-hyun anger building up. As Daesung turns around the boys moved forward, but three guys stand in front of Daesung. "Won't be easy to get me. Let's have fun first." Deasung snapped his fingers and the guys stepped forward towards the boys. Daesung sits on a chair "Get them!" The boys took one step back and they see their opponents. Mi-na quickly grabbed Seungri and dragged him into a corner, away from the fight. Seungri then held on to her. "don't let me die, please". Mi-na looks at Seungri and she hold his cheeks, "You won't die, so stay strong for your brother". Seungri just smiles. But Mi-na knows his wound is soo deep, and don't know if he will make it. She starts to look around the room. Then she saw a safety kit. She quickly ran towards it and back to Seungri. She opened it and starts to help on Seungri.
Sol face his opponent. The other guy has a stick in his hand. Sol prepares his mind and body to attack, then the guy runs towards him. The guy swings the stick left and right, but Sol ducks and avoid them guickly. Sol punches the guy on the stomach twice. The guy quickly swing the stick towards Sol's leg and hit his right leg. Sol fell to the floor, the guy lifts the stick up and as he was about to hit Sol, Sol quickly kicked the guy on his chest. Sol then goes on top the guy and throw three punches to the guy's face. The guy quickly grabbed Sol's neck with his leg and pull Sol back. Sol tries to pull his neck apart from his neck, but couldn't. The guy punches Sol's stomach many times. Sol's anger is crawling. Then he grabbed the guy's leg and with all his force he starts pull his legs away. Then Sol punched the guys stomach which made the guy loose his force from his legs and then Sol pull his legs apart and Sol quickly stands up. The guy stands in front of him. Sol spit the blood inside his mouth, then looks straight ahead at the guy. Now he Is determine to kill the guy. Sol starts walking towards the guy, and the guy prepares himself. Then that's when he heard "Sol, SOL!" Sol turns his head towards Seung-hyun and he sees how bad the guy is getting him. As Sol got distracted, the guy started to attack him. They guy wacked Sol with the stick, over and over. But Sol ain't going to let him get to him. Sol kicked the guy on his ankle and the guy collapsed, then he stepped on the guys hand till he let go of the stick. Three punches to the guys face then Sol grabbed the stick and with so much force he stabbed it right on the guys chest. Sol stands and starts walking towards Seung-hyun.
Seung-hyun's opponent is big and build. The guy has brass knuckles on bithe hands. "shit" is what crossed Seung-hyun mind. The guy runs towards him and starts swinging. Seung-hyun dodges and avoid the knuckles. Then Seung-hyun grabbs his hands and then pull the guy towards him and then he elbow the guys face twice. But the guy quickly snapped back and hit Seung-hyun on the stomach. Then the guy grabbed Seung-hyun's hair and gave two hard punches to Seung-hyun face with the knuckles. Seung-hyun bleeds. The pain starts to climb. Seung-hyun grabbed the guys neck with one hand and hold the guys hand with his other hand. The guy also grabbed Seung-hyun neck also. "SOL SOL!" Seung-hyun screams. Then the guy slapped Seung-hyun hands and then strikes at Seung-hyun stomach over and over. Seung-hyun spit blood. Seung-hyun quickly kicked the guys knee, and the guy fell. Seung-hyun holds his stomach as he stands. The pain was getting worse. Seung-hyun turn his back to lean on a wall. The guy runs towards Seung-hyun but then Sol jumped in and hold the guys hand. They both battle each other out. Sol started to throw punches and didnt missed. Then Sol grabbed the guys head and banged it in the floor. The guy blacked out. Sol runs towards Seung-hyun. "Bro, you good?" "I'm good, just wasn't expecting him to hit me that hard." Seung-hyun stomach started to hurt badly, and he held on to Sol. "Come on, let's get you out" Then the guy who blacked out, grabbed a gun he had inside his jacket, and pulls it out and pointed at Sol. BANG! Sol's eyes widen out, and he sees Seung-hyun on top of Sol. Seung-hyun saw the guy pulled the gun and he used his last strength and grabbed Sol and pull him down and took the bullet. "Seung-hyun?" Seung-hyun moans a little. Sol quickly got up and lost it. He march towards the guy and kicked the guys face and then he grabbed the gun and beat the guys head with the gun over and over, harder and harder. Till blood splatted all over Sol's face. Sol runs towards Seung-hyun. Seung-hyun was bleeding badly. "Seung-hyun?.. Seung-hyun can you hear me?... Come one bro say something.!!" "Sol, take this." Seung-hyun pulls out a ring. "what's this, a porposal.." Sol trying to be funny. "Asshole." Seung-hyun smiles. "This ring was passed generation from generation. Who ever gets the ring next, will be the next master of the house" "Why your giving it to me?" "Your the next master and the new owner of my business. Never though I would love another human. But when you came along and we started to talk, you opened my heart. Thank you for being my brother. Love you man" Then Seung-hyun took his last breath. "Seung-hyun... Seung-hyun... SEUNG-HYUN!!" Sol shakes him and shakes him. But no response. "No no no no. NNOO!!!" Sol grabs Seung-hyun and hugs him tight, and cried on his shoulder.
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Yaaas, Mi-Na I knew you was a doctor you do your thing you little bitch♡♡ . Damn Jiyong she not after his cookies she already visited the bakery so calm down . Omg Mi-Na you get em!!! #MiNaIsTiredOfYourShitJiyong . "Please don't let go" -Seungri is Jack 2016 (The Titanic feels be real these days)♡♡ . "Jiyongs souk is crawling out of the dark.....same Jiyong same #SeeYouInHell♡♡ . Daesung is understand....I like a challenge too but like when are you going to fight for they work hard af to even get in the building you had them running around...and know you want them to fight some more no. You better get your ass back over there and handle those hands!! . "Stay strong for your brother" That was so heart touching......but I can't help but wonder if she only said that because that's all he has at this point . . lmao.....I don't mean to laugh but let me get this straight this dude is in basically like the mafia and Daesung carriers all these weapons but this bitch is coming at Taeyang.....with a stick (^_^) LMAOOO...gtfo I'd laugh in his face . . Omg SOL is a savage!! You get em boy!!! . Didn't I tell that boy not to use a see now Sol's done stabbed you in the chest like you was some type of werewolf . . Damn TOP is against some Donkey Kong looking motherf*cker . Why do these people all get weapons but TOP, Taeyang,and GD have been fighting with barehands......this is a piss off, like even that guy got a stick can Team GD aleast get one too. At this point I'm praying for them to even have a cereal box. . . Yas Taeyang is whipping everyone tonight.....Everyone his catching his hands♡♡ . Damn the guys didn't die....he just passed out. HE BETTER BE DOWN FOR THE REST OF THE BATTLE AGAINST DAESUNG!! . TOP.....I love you can all but I think you'll be I know you just got your ass handed to you but Seungri's condition makes me worry abit more . *clears throat* Speaking of Seungri GD I KNOW YOU'RE NOT STILL CATERING TO HIM IN THE CORNER!! I understand you finally réalisé you love for you brother and he is dying at the moment so you want to be with him. But you must also understand that your squad is still in danger and this is not the time. You have to Defeat Daesung first or how will you protect Seungri!! Please let Mi-Na take care of him for now because the people who have been with you since the beginning of this mess need you now... So help them and stop being a little bitch . . honest with me here, did you let TOP beat you up in that one chapter because if TOP just got beat up by that same dude you just destroyed....then I find it hard to believe that you're weaker than TOP. It's either that or TOP's got a man crush on that guy :P #TOPHasAFetishForGorillas (That DOOM DADA MV, must've hit him hard lol) . . Okay, that was a crazy chapter and both of the Seunghyuns are hurt If Daesung actually get his way and kills them all, please make an appointment for my apprenne because Dae I'm coming at you lol
he won't be the only one...... *covered my mouth* whoops. 😱 @SaraHanna
WHAT DA FUQQQQQQQ NOOOOOO BB WHAT DA HELL?!?!? Dhkogcdwthjfgvfjjkljgdth. ㅠ___ㅠ I'm feeling, now I'm feeling things..... Ahhhhhh DA FEELS ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ
@BBxGD omg he died!!! WTF!! *goes back to read* So it appears I missed some og story....let me read it... Taeyang, this is not the time I'm not here for your jokes! . . TOP what are you saying man, haha joke is over you can get up now... . ....... . . Okay that was cool TOP my man I'll see you next chapter you and the boys can hit that fancy restaurant has a nice dinner you know what I'm saying ~(^.^)~ . . I refuse to accept that TOP is dead.....Taeyang don't worry bro he's okay :,( . . Can I go back to the time before I read that last part......because before I read the chapter I read the comments and I saw people saying he was dead and I thought they were kidding. So I guess when it got time to read that part my mind just sort hopped over it and was like "okay story is over"
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