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I've loved Starwars my entire 27 years!! And I really have enjoyed Naruto since it started, because they're so much alike? No, they are completely different. But certain similaritys, yes... I find a good deal of humor with this picture though. ^_^
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well, the basic plot is the same, but the ways in which the basic plot was carried out vastly differed, so it was not a rip off of Star wars.
2 years ago·Reply
@IvanDiaz I didn't say it was ripped I'm just laughing at how similar it is...kishimoto's to good to copy off of starwars
2 years ago·Reply
@ShinigamiSan ...... I don't think ... that's really something you should ask but already know •-•
2 years ago·Reply
This isnt the only anime or show that has had similarites like these , And unless yoda was a frog Id agree lol
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