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Would you ever turn to acupuncture, which is a form of ancient Chinese medicine, to treat chronic conditions such as headaches, back pain, congestion, among others?
For years the practice of this form of Eastern medicine has been regarded as less than scientific, circumstantial at best and plagued with placebo-type benefits that were inconsistent from person-to-person.
However, that's all starting to change. More and more research into acupuncture, along with other forms of medicine such as cupping, have become more popular as a cheaper, easier alternative to the rising costs of healthcare in the West.
When you're faced with an ailment that cannot be remedied, whether it's due to doctor availability, insurance coverage, or something else, you're left with the "alternative medicine" approach, which is where acupuncture comes in. That's exactly what I did--years ago! I was having extreme issues of congestion and allergy symptoms such as runny nose and itchy eyes. Rather than clog the medical system with this and get put on a dopey prescription, I opted for acupuncture. I went twice a week for 12 weeks. And since then, I have witnessed a significant reduction in congestion with the elimination of other symptoms.
Was I healed? Kinda.
Was it all in my head or did it really work? Whether it was a placebo or not, it worked for me.
If you're able to go into it with an open mind, then I think you will find it beneficial and even life-changing. Is it for everyone? Maybe not. But I think you should consider all your options--alternative and otherwise--as you manage your healthcare effectively.

How It Works:

Based on your body's meridian lines, which is a network of highways that correspond with your body's organs and functions, needles, which have been dressed in medicine (though, not always), are inserted into the person's skin. This is done manually or more typically, through a slender sleeve that guides the needle in effortlessly.
The medicated needles sit very shallow beneath the surface of the skin and deliver medicine to the are of the body that needs it.
After several sessions of this, the body learns to respond to the medicinal prodding by changing its composition through the elimination of symptoms that are associated with pain.
Would you consider acupuncture to treat your ailments?
Why not! Acupuncture is an ancient method of healing. It survived thousands of years because it works.
my friend had done this just to try it. My advice is to find a qualified acupunture practioners because you will feel the different before and after that.. this treatment was from an ancient chinese tech that have being use widely as altenative treatment. another famous treatment is foot reflexology.
The most interesting part, to me anyway, is that it should be impossible. Without science accepting some kind of spiritual energy (such as chi, for an eastern reference), there are no explanations at all for why it works. It just does. And scientists hate that. Its too common to just write off of the placebo effect, yet there is no way to explain it
I didn't know enough about acupuncture to regard it as silly or not. I was still virtually a kid back then and was like, Sure, I'll try it. I'm so glad that I had a willing, open mind about it back then. I'd do it again if I felt it was necessary. You're right, @TensaZangetsu98, it just works--regardless of why we may not understand it.