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Oh goodness.... Not a single Kookie was found... Sad face....
The one who invited you. Chim chim thanks for the invite!
The sleepover is at his place. Jimin again!
Flirted with you all night...... Taetae. O.o
Suggested to play truth or dare. I see what you did there tae tae!
Dared to kiss you. Um... Jimin.. Tae and Kookie wont like that....
Wanted to sleep next to you. Why doesnt that surprise me.
Slept with you. Out of left field comes Suga! I guess we end up sleeping next to eachother. No funny business sir!
In the morning you found yourself cuddling with him.... Hobi where did you come from!!!!! So now all the boys are mad except for Rapmon and Jin lol...
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I love how Hobi must have just snuck between you guys haha only explanation. maybe he was trying to cuddle suga 馃槀
@MadAndrea I have no idea lol.
where's the original post? I wanna play
@SugalessJams go to @thepinkprincess page she's the original poster