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The Hulk is BACK to give more relationship advice!

This Avenger is surprisingly good at helping people out! If you're struggling to figure out the perfect date, sick of guessing what that weird text means, or just hoping someone will hear you out- the Hulk is here to listen. Leave your questions below and The Hulk will be back on Friday with his advice!
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@MajahnNelson the hulk is here for all kinds of questions ^_^
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Cool cool. Okay so I have this friend whom I was actually fairly new asset being friends with when we had our first falling out. But the thing is just was pretty bad. So bad that we haven't spoken in over a year. With that said we'd recently reconnected through our mutual friend the other day but things were really awkward between us even after we have each other heartfelt apologies. So my question is how do I get rid of those postfight awkwardness? She's a girl by the way. If you could help me with that I would appreciate it Hulk.
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Hulk! Who is your type?!I want to hear more about the Hulks love life :P
2 years ago·Reply
Uhm "Hulk smash that!!"
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Hey hulk thanks for the advice I really appreciate it. And my brother helped me find a job I applied to. I really do hope I get this job. My brother asked me why my friends aren't helping me with my situation right now cause he doesn't live with me so I told him they said I don't have a job so don't want to help me but they can help me. My brother said Tht since they really aren't helping me at all anyway possible then they really aren't my friends I need to cut them off. I agree with him but at the same time I do actually care for them just cause I considered them family do you think I should cut them off? I want your honest opinion.
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