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When it comes to engagement rings, women take them serious.

The size, color and cut of the diamond all play a huge role in the excitement of a woman. Although, the ring doesn't mean much at all -- women look forward to when a man gets on bended knee.
It's like the pre-introduction to marriage, but marriage is not definite. As much as today's society appreciates the materialistic aspect of life, how would you feel if your husband to be took the initiative and made your engagement ring from scratch? Yes, you read that correctly -- scratch.
A man on Imgur took matters into his own hands and decided to create his fiancés ring -- and let me just add that he did a job well done. He kept his secret while his girlfriend was out and about doing her studies. The process was tedious, but all good things take time. The great thing about the ring was that it cost him all of $300.
Although the price doesn't sound enormous, you can easily see that this man's heart is enormous -- nonetheless. You can tell that this process took nothing, but patience and he literally made the entire ring besides the stone. His girlfriend said yes, of course. I mean who wouldn't after their boyfriend just slaved over creating their engagement ring. "Bob The Builder" commented saying, "She digs it."

"I don't ever really feel that wearing my wedding ring is what determines me being married or not."

-- Jessica Simpson

Talk about amazing.

If this isn't love than I don't know what is.
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I am the same exact way! A ring is nice and all, but at the end of the day it honestly doesn't mean much of anything to me. I would love to have a man who truly and sincerely loves me make my ring. That screams love to the hilltops and back @BeannachtOraibh
That is SOOO sweet! I love that quote from Jessica Simpson...I never heard it before now, but that was how I always FELT. Like, if I'm married, I don't need a ring to wave in someone's face, my actions prove I am his. But that is such an adorable gesture of affection!
That's just too cool and the ultimate labor of love! @jordanhamilton
Yesssss! Definitely the ultimate labor of love. I'm still in awe @marshalledgar