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So, apparently the whole incident was a misunderstanding??? Oh Jesus, I hope a fan war doesn't start again. If you see this card, please spread it around Vingle. :) At least it didn't happen because I was really upset. ; n ;
Oh, I understand. Well, a black ocean is basically when fans from different kpop fandoms turn off their lights or cellular devices completely to show that they do not support the group at all. To be honest, I think it's a sign of disrespect. It happened to SNSD and EXO. Also, I believe it happened to rookie groups Lovelyz and Seventeen. @MadAndrea
I did notice that the lighting was the same in Sistar's performance as well. Not to mention BTS fan chants could be clearly heard during the performance.
At first, the person who tweeted in my first card about this problem was confused because of all the articles saying that it did happen. Now, there are misunderstandings due to the fact that it has happened to several groups before and I guess international fans don't want it to happen again to their favorite idol groups. @KarlythePanda66
Yeah... After watching the performance, I was totally confused. But, then after getting clarification, I finally understood. @SunnaWalo
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