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Battlefield: Cell Games Prep: 3 months No Backup Morals: On
Well, based off of the cell games being a tournament, and with their morals, probably Bruce Lee. Iron Fist's morals would make him not use his special abilities because that would be cheating, so physically, they are on par. But Bruce Lee created his own fighting style, and knows more than Iron Fist (I think) leaving him more adaptive, and that would lead him to the win
@DaiGakuSei we never saw anyone use weapons, even in the games, so I can't really say there....
@TensaZangetsu98 that pretty much sums it up. though my biggest question would be: Are melee weapons accepted as per the cell game rules? Because Bruce Lee is (was) rather adept at the nunchaku, bo, and eskrima, which are all blunt, semilethal weapons. If melee weaponry was allowed, I'm sure that both would eventually choose weapons that complimented each other, thus ending in more or less of a draw