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Can you guess which idol these beautiful legs belong to?

Any ideas?

They belong to this wonderful dork. Did you guess right?

Let's take another look, shall we?

They're so shapely. He has nicer legs than I do. I'm kind of jealous.

Those legs are so smooth... just imagine them tangled with yours under the blankets.

They are perfectly shaped and nicely toned. And his knees... his knees are so sexy!

They're just so lovely. There are no tan lines or pastiness from hiding in jeans (like mine).

His legs in these two pictures remind me of Jimin's (another set of beautiful legs). Come to think of it, GD's look here reminds me of Jimin altogether. Or rather, Jimin reminds me of GD as GD is older and came first.

Even posing as woman those legs of his are killer.

Here is his best impression of Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I've previously said his man bag is bigger than he is. @lovetopia has been so kind as to offer to help me stuff him inside and carry the bag.

Look at those legs though. They're just perfect!

Here's a nice treat to leave you with...

I hope you all enjoyed!

@NinaKuduzovic I like appreciate random GD body parts from time to time... yeah, it is pretty random.
I guess it right (X well I mean I should know my fiancé legs right
yes... keep coming with more cards... I need it for my collection
@edwey66 I agree 🙏🏼
Leg Goals 👌🏽💯
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