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Everyone's complaining. They win some and they lose some.
This week after the announcement of the nominations of the Oscars, Spike Lee, and other black actors (Yes, I say blacks because that's what they are and not African Americans because those two words are broaden in many ways as far as politically correct speech goes), and started arguing how many white actors got most of the nominations and how unfair it was. Then Lupita Nyong'o made her point and then George Clooney tried to explain the situation and provide his analysis.
Here's what I find weird: For the past decade and onward, there had been many contenders who were black who have received award nominations and wins and were movies about racial issues (Monster, Crash, The Help, 12 Years A Slave and even going all the way back to In The Heat of The Night and Gone With The Wind). Even the ones where different races had their story to tell like Babel and many of the production crew members are of different races, yet there isn't another single or group of people, mixed or different race on their own, to commit the same problem and their voice like Spike Lee and others had this week. Especially for the second consecutive year in a row.
Now as far as minorities, most actors in the entertainment industry are in unions and many of them are in television a lot more than movies. They are more in the majority to have their voice heard in television with predominately minority casts like Empire, How To Get Away With Murder, Fresh Off The Boat, etc.
It's proof that people want more diversity especially with the ratings these shows receive.
So why not be humble over the fact that most of the actors who are upset over not getting a nomination or golden statue understand there is much more opportunity and important subjects to work on then what the Academy has? Yes, I know, it sucks because there are many black and not to mention Latino and Indian actors I truly admire who are not up for golden on-screen status, and yes I'm getting tired of seeing the same actors like Jennifer Lawrence getting all the attention, but it's important to know that Spike Lee, Jada Smith, and Lupita Nyong'o are making their marks in movies and TV with millions of people loving and accepting for what they have to offer. Expression and communication are far more important then how many awards you have and complaining about a golden award is one of the last things we need to pay attention to, and minorities have other problems to deal with in the world like poverty, animal care, and nature.
This is a difficult subject in the news right now and is tiresome to say.
What do you guys think about this?
I think it's also a disparity in age. Like those that are really into pop culture and are watching these awesome diverse shows are not the ones that get to vote on the ballets. The are 50+ year old white men. that's not a representation of pop culture!
Jada Smith was good to add that mention, yes. Like I've said, it's a difficult subject, mew.
Honestly I understand where they're coming from. Yes Empire and Scandal are definitely proof that diversity is in-demand as far as ratings go. People want to see these stories- and both shows truly deserve the praise they're getting. However those shows are not the norm. they're also relegated to a later time slot (granted they are both mature). These recent changes also do nothing for institutions like the Academy Awards- they've been very slow in accepting more diverse voices among their members which means that the nominees still reflect a select group of people. Personally I love what Jada Smith said: let those institutions fall behind because they don't reflect who we are today as artists or a nation. Create new awards that recognize who we are now.
@Patmanmeow it definitely is. If there was an easy solution, we would have resolved it by now. I am happy to see more network shows focusing on more diverse experiences, and I'm very much hoping that the trend continues. If nothing else, I think it's clear that they're all financially viable.