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I thought I would try a little something different than what I normally do I have been wanting to write, but can't make up my mind on what. So I am going to let you all pick you're favorite member of infinite and who ever wins I will write a short story in another card.
First we have the dorky yet loveable Dongwoo.
Next the greasy Nam Woohyun who we all love
Then L/myungsoo it would be fun to see how his would turn out.
Hoya ugh there are so many possibilities with all of them it's so hard to pick.
Sungyeol. I just love them all but it's hard to write a story for all of them at once ^
How can you not love Sungjong?
and last but not least our leader so who is your favorite or someone you would like to read a story about if this gets a lot I might do one for another fandom as well.
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Woohyun oppa!!!!!
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Well since not many people did this I will write one for each member mentioned but I will start with L @PrettieeEmm @SharayahTodd @SarangRavi @karinamiranda81 I will tag you all in them thank you it will be a few days though 😄
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