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Wouldn't you love to call this private oceanfront Malibu estate yours?! American Horror Story (season 5) star, Lady Gaga just plunked down $23M for 10,000 square feet of this villa-style compound that features a two-lane bowling alley, an 8-horse equine stable, bocce ball court, unobstructed views of the Pacific and Santa Monica Mtn range. There's a saltwater pool, wine cellar, workout room, and too many bedrooms and bathrooms to count.
Take a look at these stunning pictures of her new home/investment!
Wouldn't you love to live here?!
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Kitchens are always the best @InPlainSight If you like this then you may like Emily Blunt and Josh Krasinski's removation here.
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I love it but.. if I were to live alone it's a little too much.. I SHOULD BUY 50 CATS!! That would do the job
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50 cats!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha nice @queenyuki
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wauuuuuuuuuuuuuuo, nice!!!!!!!
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Darling 馃拝馃徑
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